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Millennials approach marriage and divorce in new ways

Every generation is unique and is shaped by political events, fads and fashions, changing social mores, and more. When it comes to marriage, a person in Virginia might think that young adults, known as “millennials,” do not prioritize loyalty in marriage the way that other generations have. They also may think that millennials do not want to adhere to the same traditions as generations past. However, the truth is that even though millennials may put off getting married until they are older, according to some legal professionals, the institution of marriage is still very meaningful to them. That being said, many millennials also realize that life is too short to stay in a troubled marriage that simply cannot be fixed. Generally speaking, millennials who get married do so with the intention of it lasting, but when their marriage hits the rocks they will not put off getting a divorce.

The Pew Research Center reports that only around 25 percent of millennials have wed. However, those who do may be more apt to enter into a prenuptial agreement beforehand. These individuals may see such an agreement more as part of an estate plan that benefits the marriage by opening the doors of communication on important life topics, rather than approaching it as planning for a divorce before the marriage even takes place.

Millennials may also have a different view of divorce itself. While they are just as hurt as anyone else would be if their marriage failed, they may be more apt to look at the situation as a way to have a fresh start. “Getting back” at their spouse may not be the goal in a divorce. Rather, they may be more practical in the way they handle their divorce legal issues.

Of course, these are only broad generalizations of a wide swath of people in the United States. While some millennials may have the aforementioned qualities, sometimes their divorces can be just as emotional and messy as a divorce would be for an older couple who had more years of marriage under their belt. Just as everyone’s marriage is unique, every divorce is unique. Therefore, those in Virginia of any age who want to end their marriage should consider seeking legal representation so their rights are as fully protected as is possible given the circumstances.

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