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How to behave at a DUI checkpoint

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2018 | DUI/DWI

Many people wonder whether DUI checkpoints are actually legal. The truth of the matter is that it varies by state, but in Virginia, these checkpoints are legal. The only condition is that the police must announce the location of the checkpoint to the public beforehand.

Whether you are completely sober or had a drink or two earlier in the evening, you need to behave the right way to get through this checkpoint unscathed. The police officers are simply there to do their job, and you can make things easier on everyone by following these steps.

Have documentation ready

You will most likely have to wait in a line until an officer talks to you. Use that time wisely by getting your driver’s license ready. You do not want the cops to think you intentionally fumbled for your license to buy yourself some time. Roll your window down, so you can speak comfortably with the officer.

Do not turn around

Even if you are sober, you may feel compelled to pull a U-turn when approaching a sobriety checkpoint because you simply do not want to deal with it. You can be reasonably confident an officer will see this. Follow through to the checkpoint so that you do not give anyone a reason to pull you over.

Use your right to remain silent

You must tell the officer your name and provide your driver’s license, registration and insurance if asked. However, you do not have to answer the question, “How much have you had to drink tonight?” If you genuinely had nothing to drink, then you can be honest, but you would not want to tell a cop you had even one beer an hour ago. You certainly would not want to volunteer such information.

Be patient

You also do not want to give the officer a reason to take you down to the station because you acted hostile. Understand that everyone has to go through this, and be considerate to the officer.

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