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Teacher in Virginia accused of DWI following accident

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2018 | DUI/DWI

Being a teacher is a very respected occupation. Parents across Virginia put great faith in those tasked with educating their children. After all, having a good education as a child can pave the way to great success throughout the child’s lifetime. However, if a teacher is accused of a crime, it could affect both their professional career as well as their personal life.

An elementary school teacher in Virginia is now facing drunk driving charges following an afternoon crash in which she allegedly struck another vehicle from behind. According to police, the teacher initially said that she was looking at an email when the accident occurred. However, upon questioning, the teacher allegedly said she had consumed alcohol days earlier and was taking an antidepressant. She complied with a field sobriety test, which she allegedly failed, and a breath test performed later on reportedly showed her blood alcohol concentration was over the legal limit. Also, police saw what they initially believed to be a broken perfume bottle in her vehicle, but later deemed it to be a bottle of liquor.

These charges could negatively affect not just the teacher’s personal life, but also her professional life. Any criminal charge that could affect children will greatly impact the life of a person who works with children for their job. Not only will their reputation be called into question, but their ability to safely carry out their work duties will be called into question as well. A drunk driving conviction could lead to a job loss.

Moreover, being convicted of DWI could place a stigma on a person in their community, further affecting their life. These consequences are only amplified when it comes to the criminal sanctions a person will face, such as fines and jail time. The sanctions a person will face are even greater if it is that person’s second or subsequent conviction of DWI, or if it was a felony conviction. In cases like that, a person may face heightened fines and prison sentences, among other penalties.

No one wants to have a DWI conviction on their record. Unfortunately, many people face such a possibility each day. It is important that they understand the charges they are facing. This way the can develop a defense strategy that may lead to a positive outcome in their case.

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