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Being charged with DUI is a serious issue in Virginia

Whether it is a summer wedding, a backyard barbecue, at the ballgame or during happy hour, many people in Virginia will celebrate such events with a drink or two. Most people in Virginia are responsible drinkers. However, the dangers associated with drunk driving are well known, so when Virginia residents are out drinking, they will either moderate so they don’t become intoxicated, ride with a designated driver, take a cab or stay where they are until they are sober enough to drive.

However, once they are on the road, police only need reasonable suspicion that a traffic offense or other crime is occurring to pull a driver over. And, if the officer suspects the driver is under the influence of alcohol, the situation can become very serious, very quickly. Even a driver who has had a single drink could be accused of driving under the influence. Police may rely on a field sobriety test or breath test in order to determine whether a driver should be arrested and charged with drunk driving.

A drunk driving conviction could result in harsh punishments. Those accused of drunk driving need to develop a defense strategy that aims to prevent a conviction. It is important to take into account all the facts of the situation, to ensure that the accused’s side of the story is being told. In addition, depending on the circumstances, one might be able to allege that the field sobriety test or breath test was flawed, or that the police overstepped their bounds leading to a violation of one’s legal rights.

At our firm, we understand what is at a stake when a person is charged with drunk driving. A DUI conviction could have negative, long-lasting effects on a person’s life. In fact, simply being charged with DUI can affect a person’s life and reputation. We believe DUI charges are a serious matter, and we will advocate for our clients’ interests from the initial arrest to trial if it comes to that. Our DUI overview may help Virginia residents who are facing DUI charges and who want more information on the matter.

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