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The digital age offers new tools to those seeking divorce

The number of couples in the U.S. who decide to end their marriage is on the decline for adults born between 1981 and 1996 — also known as “millennials” — according to some researchers. However, the fact of the matter is that some millennials in Virginia and across the U.S. will still decide to divorce. Younger adults are more apt to have a greater social media presence than older adults — from Facebook and Instagram accounts, to Twitter feeds and accounts other social media platforms. These individuals may also be more likely to use online services to facilitate their divorce.

For example, one online platform, dtour.life, allows users to keep track of their financial information digitally. Users can enter bank account information, record what they spend money on and log what assets they hold. This information can be an important part of the financial aspects of divorce, including property division and calculating an appropriate amount of spousal maintenance.

Being organized can help make a divorce go smoother. Having a digital platform for communicating with an attorney can also lead to a quicker resolution to a divorce case. In the end, according to some, divorce does not carry the same stigma with millennials as it has with older generations. Thus, some millennials may be more apt to either execute a premarital agreement with the objective understanding that not every marriage is meant to last, and they may also be apt to use digital tools to make their divorce run more smoothly, should it come to that.

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