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Even seemingly minor drug crimes should be taken seriously

While people in Virginia may understand that felony drug charges are a serious affair, they may not take lesser drug offenses very seriously. However, this can be a mistake. This is because even a minor drug offense can lead to fines and, more seriously, the suspension of a person’s driver’s license. Without a driver’s license, a person might be unable to go about their daily activities, such as driving to work, running errands and more. In fact, without reliable transportation, a person might even lose their job. It is very important to take all drug crimes seriously.

At our law firm, we make every effort to attempt to ensure that our clients who are facing drug charges understand their rights and legal options. We offer solutions that are in our clients’ best interests. This includes considering both our clients’ present interests as well as our clients’ future interests.

We represent clients facing a variety of drug charges. These include: possession of a controlled substance; unlawful possession of prescription drugs; drug distribution and sale; drug manufacturing; drugged driving and more. And, even if our client’s case is already closed, we can still try to assist those who are seeking an expungement of their criminal record or the return of possessions seized through civil asset forfeiture.

We believe it is important that our clients have a complete understanding of the charges they face as well as the penalties they’ll face if convicted. This way, our clients can make informed decisions regarding their defense. Our firm’s webpage on drug crimes may be of use to those who want more information on how we approach this topic.

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