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Defense options are available for sexual assault allegations

While facing any type of criminal allegation can be major, there are some charges that can be more life impacting than others. Take sexual assault allegations for example. This is a very serious matter, and when a person in Virginia and elsewhere is accused of forcing someone to have unconsented sex, this could result in very harsh penalties if a conviction results. Thus, it is imperative that one considers the defense options available to them.

What defense options are available for sexual assault allegations? While there are a variety of defense actions a defendant could take, this post will focus on three. The first is to claim one’s innocence. This means that the accused using an alibi to prove that they could not have committed the alleged act or that they were misidentified as the perpetrator.

The second defense option is consent. This entails admitting that the act took place; however, they assert that the behavior in question was consented to by both parties. By demonstrating that the victim consented to sexual contact, this could provide a defense against the allegations. The final defense option is insanity or mental incapacity. This means that the accused is asserting that he or she had a mental disease or defect at the time of the purported crime, and they are arguing that criminal liability should be removed from their actions.

Asserting a defense can be an overwhelming and confusing process; however, it is an important step to take. Taking the time to become knowledgeable about one’s options could help a defendant assert a strong and timely defense that will help protect his or her rights and interests.

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