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Police arrest suspect after chase speed reaches 115 mph

High speed car chases are routine in action movies, but they rarely occur in real life. Except in Warren County Virginia. Virginia State Police have arrested and charged a man who allegedly led officers on a chase that reached speeds of 115 mph.

The incident began as a traffic stop on I-81 in Shenandoah County 7 when a Virginia State Trooper attempted to stop a Toyota Corolla for driving 91 mph in a 70 mph speed zone. After the trooper turned on his flashing lights, the driver of the Toyota allegedly refused to stop. According to Virginia State Police, the Toyota driver sped away from the trooper who had attempted to make the initial stop.

The Toyota driver allegedly began driving very fast, reaching a speed of 115 mph. The chase ended when the Toyota driver lost control of his vehicle and struck a guardrail while attempting to take Exit 13 on I-66. State police arrested the driver and the three persons who were passengers in the car. The driver was charged with one misdemeanor count of reckless driving, one felony count of eluding police, possession of marijuana and possession of controlled substances. All four persons are being held at the Rappahannock Shenandoah Regional Jail. All three passengers were charged with public drunkenness, and the two youngest passengers were charged with underage possession of alcohol.

No one appears to have been hurt during the chase nor in the accident that ended the chase. Nevertheless, the driver of the Toyota is facing criminal charges that could result in incarceration, a fine and suspension of driving privileges. Anyone facing similar charges may wish to consult an experienced criminal defense attorney for an evaluation of the evidence and an estimate of the likelihood of negotiating a favorable plea agreement.

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