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The benefit of keeping your divorce away from social media

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2019 | Uncategorized

Virginia residents are no strangers to divorce. With the divorce rate over 50% nationwide for first marriages, someone you know will likely have to go through this difficult process.

The legal procedures for legally severing a marriage can cause increased stress within a family unit. If children are part of the picture, once loving spouses may turn unpleasant and downright nasty toward each other to get a leg up on the other for custody. Airing dirty laundry on social media is a growing trend, but when it comes to divorce, doing so may cause longstanding repercussions.

Painting a picture

Social media is all about sharing and oversharing. This practice becomes extremely relevant during divorce proceedings, as it may give clues as to why the marriage ended and the spouses’ behavior in the aftermath. If a husband suspects his wife of infidelity, he may turn to social media to attempt to gain information from close friends and family. This information is not reliable; in some cases, a court will not consider it.

Leaving a money trail

Extravagant meals, travel and big-ticket purchases get a lot of play on social media. Within your circle of friends, you may have seen a tendency to boast about a post-divorce spending spree, which may include pictures. However, what you do not know is that these postings may pose serious problems when it comes to financial disclosures during a divorce. The money spent may derive from the marital account, and a judge may insist on its restoration during the proceedings.

Badmouthing each other

Engaging in social media wars seems like the norm rather than the exception. A couple going through a divorce should not engage in negative talk on a public forum. In child custody and visitation determinations, judges may not believe a parent will encourage a positive relationship with someone he or she has expressed hatred towards on social media.

Keeping your divorce private is your best-case scenario. This way, your own words will not come back to hurt you during the proceedings.

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