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Addressing different support concerns during a divorce

There are many different types of support issues that may come up during the divorce process. The family law system provides important resources to help guide divorcing spouses through their divorce and address their child support and spousal support concerns.

In some situations, one spouse, such as a spouse who remained in the home to care for children and the home, may be unemployed and lack the necessary skills or training to enter the work force. Additionally, children have a right to financial support from their parents which is why child support must be worked out between divorcing parents. If a request for spousal support is made, likewise, the divorcing spouses can agree to spousal support or the family law court can help them resolve their spousal support-related concerns.

Both types of support concerns during divorce, spousal support or child support, can be emotional. Spousal support and child support can also oftentimes be contentious. As a result, it is helpful for divorcing couples to understand how child support is calculated and how spousal support is determined. It can help them know what to expect and also better prepared them to protect their interests during their divorce. In circumstances of spousal support, the length of the marriage, the requesting spouse’s earning potential and the reason for the divorce are factors that may be considered. Child support is determined based on a child support formula.

Many challenges can come up during spousal support and child support determinations and negotiations but the family law process provides the resources to help couples through the challenges they face. Familiarity with the legal resources available to them and how these divorce-related concerns are addressed can be invaluable information for divorcing couples to have.

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