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Help with driving under the influence charges

Driving under the influence charges can refer to drugs or alcohol. Because DUI charges are so serious, and can apply to accusations of drugged driving and drunk driving, it is essential for accused drivers to know what to do when they wind up facing them.

There is a litany of potential penalties and consequences that can result from a drunk driving charge. Driving under the influence charges can lead to a big hit to both the personal and professional life and reputation for the accused individual. Accused drivers face the possibility of jail time, steep fines, suspension or revocation of their driver’s license and restrictive probation conditions. In addition, even a DUI arrest can result in a criminal record that can haunt the accused driver for some time to come.

As this blog has discussed, there are many ways to challenge drunk driving charges ranging from challenging the legality of the initial traffic stop that led to a DUI charge to challenging the results of a breathalyzer or field sobriety test. If the accused individual’s criminal defense rights were violated in any way, it may result in a challenge to the alleged evidence and charges they are facing.

There are always important criminal defense options for accused individuals to be familiar with and it is essential for them to promptly work up a criminal defense strategy. A strong criminal defense strategy can help accused individuals with the charges they are facing and because they may feel overwhelmed by the weight of the criminal justice system, having trained guidance throughout the process can be useful as well.

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