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Is it worth going to court over a speeding ticket?

Most people, at one time or another, will end up with a speeding ticket. They might have been in a rush to get to work or pick up their child, to head to the hospital in an emergency or just not paying attention to their speed. Whatever the reason is, if you’re stopped and told you were speeding, it is worth making sure you know your rights and the steps that come next.

Speeding convictions will lead to points on your license. Those points add up, and they may increase the cost of your insurance or cost you your license.

How many points do you get for speeding?

If you are speeding, you’ll receive points on your license depending on the speed at which you were traveling. If you were traveling:

  • 80 mph or more over the limit or 20 mph or more over the limit, you’ll receive a six-point violation
  • 10-19 mph over the limit, you’ll receive a four-point violation
  • Up to 9 mph over the limit, you’ll receive a three-point violation

If you get 12 or more points in 12 months or 18 in 24 months, you’ll be placed on probation and may lose your license.

Is it worth going to court over a speeding ticket?

Yes, it is usually worth making an appearance in court, especially if you were speeding 20 or more mph over the limit or over 85 mph. If you were, then you may face a reckless driving charge as well as a speeding ticket. That means that you could face a reckless driving charge even if you’re traveling 85 in an 80 mph zone, which is something worth defending against. This charge can be charged in conjunction with a speeding ticket and lead to heavier penalties.

Tickets can be paid easily, but the lasting implications of those tickets are something to think about. Your ticket could cost you hundreds of dollars in insurance fees and penalties as well as influence your right to a license if you get too many demerit points. It’s valuable to defend yourself and to aim to have the ticket dropped, so you don’t have to be affected by it.

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