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Restoring gun rights in Virginia after a felony conviction

A felony condition continues to limit your freedom even after your prison sentence and parole terms end. For one thing, having a felony on your record, even a non-violent one, costs you your right to own or possess firearms in Virginia.

For hunters, people who enjoy visiting their local shooting range, and anyone who wants to protect themselves and their families, this can be a huge burden. Fortunately, if you are in this position, you might have an option for restoring your Second Amendment rights.

The steps required to get your gun rights back

The process is complicated and can take a while. First, you must wait until your incarceration period is over. Then you must petition the governor to restore your civil rights. Besides your right to bear arms, your civil rights lost to the felony conviction include your right to vote, serve on a jury and run for public office.

Once the governor restores your civil rights, the next step is to petition the Circuit Court to restore your gun rights. Which court you go to depends on if you still live in Virginia. If you do, you and your attorney can file the petition in your county of residence. If you have moved from Virginia since your conviction, the petition should go to a county courthouse in the county where you were convicted.

The advantage of working with an attorney

Working with an attorney can take a lot of the burden off you. A lawyer who regularly helps clients with gun rights restoration might be able to keep you from having to go to court over the matter.

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