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Virginia police detective arrested for alleged DUI

Even police officers can be arrested for a suspected DUI.  One Richmond police detective was accused of driving under the influence and refusing a breath test on December 1st.  It was reported to be his first DUI offense.

Individuals arrested for DUI are understandably concerned about more than just criminal penalties.  There are, of course, professional and financial consequences that can accommodate such an arrest.  In the case of the police detective, he has now been placed on administrative leave.  The officer was arraigned in court on December 1st and is scheduled to return to court on January 15th.

It’s very difficult to know precisely what did occur with so little information.  It must be remembered, however, that an arrest for DUI is not the same as a conviction.  There can be flaws in the manner in which arrests are conducted, and occasionally arresting officers abuse their discretion when making a traffic stop.

The penalties for a DUI conviction can be severe.  In Virginia, even a first time arrest can result in fines, required educational programs and driver’s license revocation.  In certain circumstances it can even result in jail time.

The assistance of a DUI defense attorney should always be considered if anyone is pulled over for an alleged DUI offense.  These attorneys can challenge the testimony of arresting officers and question whether applicable procedures for sobriety testing have taken place.  Attorneys can advise individuals of their legal options in the event that such an arrest has taken place.  Anyone arrested should at least speak to an attorney before making any plea deal or pleading guilty to the charges.

Source: Times Dispatch, “Richmond detective charged with DUI,” Bill McKelway, Dec. 2, 2013

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