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Virginia elementary principal abruptly resigns after DUI arrest

We’ve long suggested on our blog that the consequences of being charged in Virginia with a DUI can go well beyond the criminal penalties that one faces.  In the case of an Arlington elementary school principal it may have meant resigning from her job.

The principal was recently charged with driving under the influence.  An announcement of the school’s PTA Facebook page announced of her plans to retire from her job after the arrest had taken place.  The page informed readers that the principal planned on retiring “for personal reasons.”

“I have been grateful for my 21 years in Arlington as a teacher, assistant principal, and principal,” the woman wrote in a letter. She also stated she hoped for the continued success for the school system.

This matter illustrates how practically anyone can have their life adversely affected after a DUI arrest has taken place. Many of those arrested are talented individuals who have much to contribute both to their families and communities. However, few individuals arrested are prepared for the consequences that can follow. The publicity alone that can follow such an arrest will often precede actual proof that the individual was guilty of a driving-related offense.

Able DUI defense attorneys can challenge to keep any improper evidence from being admitted. Attorneys can investigate what has occurred and make certain the best possible defense is presented. There are occasions when individuals arrested are struggling with various personal issues and attorneys can help them find the resources so that they can remain productive individuals.

Source: Arlington Patch, “Drew Elementary Principal Resigns After DUI Charge,” Mary Ann Baron, March 19, 2014

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