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A couple of things NOT to do if you’re pulled over for DUI in Virginia

We never intend to make light of drunk driving. Perhaps more than most people, we understand just how serious a DUI charge can be. We help people deal with these charges every day, and we see it all. One thing that’s certainly true about alcohol intoxication, however, is that it tends to lower people’s inhibitions and impair their judgment, right?

That seems to have been the case with a man who was arrested last weekend in Henrico. After he apparently struck a curb, police say he left his vehicle and went into a restaurant nearby. Later, officers claim, he came back out of the restaurant and began attempting to break into cars in the parking lot. A Henrico Police Department officer stepped forward to confront the driver.

What happened next, according to reports? He spit on the officer.

Don’t spit on police officers. It just isn’t going to help.

In this case, the man was charged with DUI, assaulting a law enforcement officer and auto theft — as well as indecent exposure and some other charges that weren’t detailed in the news report. No explanation was given regarding the indecent exposure charge.

Perhaps of greater concern is that no real justification was given for the auto theft charge. As far as we can tell from the story, the officers claimed he was trying to break into the cars in the restaurant parking lot — but how did the officers determine that was what he was trying to do? Why did they charge him with auto theft instead of attempted auto theft?

When it comes down to it, how did the officers know for sure that he was drunk before he went into the restaurant?

In any DUI case, there are a variety of factors that need to be carefully considered. With the right help, you might be able to get your drunk driving charge dismissed, or at least limit the negative impact on your life.

Don’t just plead guilty to a DUI charge — have your case evaluated by an experienced DUI lawyer right away.

Source: wtvr.com, “DUI suspect facing slew of charges after allegedly spitting on Henrico officer,” Maniecsha Holmes, March 29, 2015

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