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Virginia politician threatens staffer’s ex-wife over child support

Child support can be an emotional matter, such as when the custodial parent accuses the noncustodial parent of failing to keep up on payments. Sometimes people lose their temper, which is understandable but rarely helpful. Setting and adjusting child support requires cool heads, when possible.

A Virginia politician has apologized for threatening his campaign manager’s former wife over her child support questions. The politician, Carl R. Loser, is running for state Senate. According to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, around mid-September his campaign manager’s former wife contacted Loser. She asked about her ex-husband’s position with the campaign and what salary he was earning.

The campaign manager reportedly owes more than $10,000 in child support to his daughter. The ex-wife told Loser that if he and the campaign manager would not discuss the matter, she would tell her story to the media.

In response, Loser emailed the mother, threatening to “personally take action” to take custody of the daughter away from her and leave the mother homeless.

Later, Loser said he had coincidentally just been discussing child support with his campaign staff, and that the ex-wife message gave him an “emotional reaction.” He apologized to the ex-wife, and provided her with campaign finance reports that claim the campaign manager is not drawing any salary.

Children should not have to suffer financially because their parents do not live together. At the same time, a parent’s ability to pay support at a certain amount may change over time. Experienced legal representation can help you work out a fair solution.

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