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Enjoying the holidays after divorce

Though most of our readers are surely looking forward to Christmas two days from now, other people are dreading the holiday. There are many reasons not to want another Christmas to come around. For those who went through divorce this year, the reason may be that it will be the first Christmas they will not spend with their former spouse and their children.

Holidays after divorce can be tough, but there may be a bright side. The Huffington Post recently asked its readers and bloggers to share stories of how their holiday celebrations have changed for the better since their marriages ended. Here are some examples.

Any traditions your family had pre-divorce may now go by the wayside, but this is an opportunity to create new traditions with your kids, one woman wrote. For example, if you traditionally celebrated on Christmas Eve, but don’t have custody until Christmas Day, you and the kids can find things you enjoy doing on that day instead.

One man said he actually enjoys the holidays more now that he is divorced. When he was married, the stress of his failing marriage tended to sap the pleasure he got from the season. Another discovered that Christmas is much less hectic, though she misses having the kids with her that day.

Memories of Christmases past are, well, in the past, for better or for worse. But Christmas after divorce is the chance to create new memories free of the rancor and resentment felt by many on the path to divorce.

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