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If my license was suspended for DUI, can I still drive a moped?

Losing your driver’s license because of an alcohol-related offense can be a hard blow, especially for those who rely on their vehicle to get them to and from their place of employment. It’s because of this fact that we often get asked questions regarding a person’s driving privileges, particularly what they can and cannot operate now that their license has been suspended.

To illustrate this point, we’d like to draw your attention to the question above: If my license was suspended for DUI, can I still drive a moped? Seems like a straightforward enough question. After all, Virginia is one of many states that does not require moped operators to have a driver’s license in order to operate the machine. But can someone do so if their license has been suspended because of a DUI? Let’s take a look.

Even though Virginia law does not require driver’s licenses for moped operators, our state law clearly states that “it is illegal to drive a moped if your license is suspended or revoked for convictions of DUI.” Other offenses, such as breath test refusal and underage drinking, also prohibit a person from operating a moped on public roads.

So while a moped or motor scooter might seem like a plausible alternative to getting around after your license has been suspended, be warned that here in Virginia, it is a crime to do so if your license was suspended as a result of a DUI conviction. This may be especially bad news for those who need their driving privileges in order to maintain employment.

Source: The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, “Mopeds,” Accessed March 15, 2016

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