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April 2016 Archives

The pluses, and minuses, of uncontested divorce in Virginia

If you or your spouse (or both of you) are considering divorce, there are probably problems in your marriage that, try as the two of you have, cannot be overcome. Perhaps only one spouse is ready to move on, which could make negotiating a settlement difficult.

Beware: This can lead to enhanced DUI penalties in Virginia

Every driver knows that it is dangerous and illegal to drive under the influence of alcohol. However, we are all human and make mistakes. Some people don't realize they are legally intoxicated; some people decide to take a risk; some people are suffering from an addiction that affects decision-making skills.

3 conditions that could be confused for alcohol impairment

Last year, we published a blog post about how drowsiness can sometimes look like drunkenness. In that post, which can be read in full here, we noted that driving while drowsy can make a person drive in ways that mimic intoxicated driving, which can prompt an officer to pull that driver over. While it is not illegal to drive while drowsy, the symptoms can make a driver seem drunk and lead to an interaction with police you'd rather avoid.

Three careers that can be ruined by DUI charges

Everybody makes mistakes. Unfortunately, as you are probably well aware, some mistakes can cost you a lot more than you thought they might. Take for example the decision to drive after drinking alcohol. In some situations, a person may make this decision after waiting a few hours or after assessing their level of intoxication. Whatever is the case, though, this decision can turn into a costly mistake if you are pulled over and it is determined that you are impaired.

Ex-husband gets 4 years for hiding marital assets overseas

Getting an equitable share of your marital assets in your divorce can be difficult when you do not know how much there is to split up. Some couples share in all financial planning, so each spouse has a good idea of what assets they own and what they are worth. Other times, one spouse handles all the finances and earns all he income, leaving the other spouse largely in the dark about money matters.

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