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Driving on a suspended license could cause major problems

If you were arrested on charges of driving after having too much to drink and you refused to comply with blood alcohol testing, you now likely find yourself without a license. While you know there are ways to be granted approval for driving within certain hours and for certain reasons like employment or school, you may decide it isn’t worth it to jump through hoops to obtain a hardship license, especially since you have never been pulled over before.

However, if you are caught driving on a suspended license and the reason for the suspension involved a DUI, you could face serious consequences. The judge may deem it necessary for your license to be revoked, for you to spend time in jail, for fines to be brought against you, for further license restrictions or even the impoundment of your vehicle.

A conviction for driving on a suspended license is a Class 1 misdemeanor. While jail time is not mandated for first and second offenses, upon conviction of a third offense, you could face a Class 6 felony charge and a $2,500 fine along with five years in jail.

If you have been issued a notice of license suspension or revocation and you find it is necessary to drive for any reason, don’t make the decision to chance it. While you may have an immediate need to drive, you also must consider the possible impact of added charges. As such, you could benefit by contacting a DUI attorney in Virginia who can go to work for you by advocating your circumstances. The attorney may be able to get you approval for driving based on your needs.

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