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When your ex is continually hostile

The break-up of a marriage is a very emotional experience. So, it’s not surprising that a certain amount of hostility can go along with it. Ideally, this hostility would never get to unhealthy levels and would fade over time. However, this ideal situation isn’t always what happens. For example, sometimes, a person finds that their ex-spouse continues to act in a hostile manner towards them long after the initial split.

Having to deal with a continually hostile ex-spouse during and after a divorce can be an exhausting experience for a person. It can add challenges to all of their communications and interactions with their ex. Given that there can be many instances during and after a divorce in which a person needs to talk to or interact with their ex, this could lead to a person regularly facing challenging matters regarding their ex.

How a person with a continually hostile ex responds to these challenges can have impacts on a lot of different aspects of their post-divorce life. A recent Huffington Post article gave some suggestions for divorcing individuals on dealing with a hostile ex, including:

  • Working on coping skills.
  • Taking efforts to keep their kids clear of the drama.
  • Setting and maintaining clear boundaries in regards to their ex.
  • Remembering to acknowledge their ex’s experience in challenging conversations with them.
  • Developing a strategy for communicating with their ex.

One area where how a person reacts to a hostile ex-spouse can be particularly impactful is in divorce proceedings. Such proceedings deal with all kinds of issues, like child custody and property division. How a person acts when faced with a hostile spouse in such proceedings could have impacts on what ends up happening with these important issues. Skilled divorce attorneys can provide individuals with guidance on dealing with a hostile ex-spouse or other challenging circumstances in legal proceedings related to a divorce.

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