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Why a DUI charge could drastically alter your future

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2017 | DUI/DWI

Whether you are a college student or a respected longtime member of the community, a DUI charge stands to drastically change your future. For some people, this occurs because they do not realize the severity of the charge. In fact, they may equate it to something just a little more serious than a speeding ticket. This frame of mind is a mistake.

The reality is that a DUI charge can lead to a conviction, which potentially brings a license suspension, fines and even jail time, among other consequences. And these are only direct effects.

Diminished employment prospects

Many employers do not like to see applicants who have convictions. If you are in college, a DUI on your record could hurt your job prospects and your earning potential. If you are already employed, it is possible you would need to miss work for court. And then there is the potential of jail time causing work absences. A license suspension is very likely after a conviction and may affect your ability to get to work. If your job requires that you have a license, you may have to leave the position.

Potential problems getting into college

Just like employers do, colleges tend to ask if you have criminal convictions, including alcohol and drug convictions. Many do understand that people, particularly young people, can make mistakes. Some schools are more forgiving than others, but you may still have a steep hill to climb. Plus, you may not qualify for as many grants and scholarships as you would without a conviction.

Issues with relationships

With your educational and work future in question, your current relationships may develop problems. Future relationships could be jeopardized too; for example, it is tricky to explain to a potential partner how you cannot have a certain job due to your conviction.

To minimize the impact that a DUI charge and possible conviction could have on your life, it can be a good idea to get in touch with an attorney. Your rights deserve to be upheld.

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