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Alternative drug court opens in Virginia Beach

For many years, our nation’s criminal justice system was very harsh on those convicted of drug crimes. These people were often incarcerated for many years, and once released from prison, would encounter difficulties in finding a job, a place to live and in general re-entering society.

However, efforts are being made by some jurisdictions these days to try a more rehabilitative approach towards those convicted of drug crimes. For example, Leesburg residents may be interested to hear that the city of Virginia Beach has recently opened a drug court aimed at giving addicts a second chance.

Oftentimes drug addicts are convicted of a drug crime, serve their sentence, are released, but then commit another drug crime. It is a vicious cycle that does not help the addict, overburdens the court system and adds more people to our already overpopulated prisons. This new drug court has four phases. The individual will be strictly supervised, they will have to submit to random drug tests, they must attend meetings and they must go through treatment to rid them of their addiction. All in all, a person would reportedly complete the phases between 18 months to two years. People who are convicted of violent crimes or otherwise present a danger to society will not qualify for the program.

Drug courts like this are meant to help rehabilitate addicts, so they can better reintegrate into society. It may be a much better alternative than simply throwing the book at those convicted of drug crimes. Individuals in Leesburg who want to learn more about drug courts are advised to consult with an attorney.

Source: 13newsnow.com, “Virginia Beach authorities open new drug court,” Laura Geller, Aug. 21, 2017

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