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Virginians facing criminal charges can seek a strong advocate

When a person in Virginia is charged with a crime, it can change the trajectory of their life in a major way. Their very freedom is at stake, their rights may have been violated and their reputation and livelihood may be hanging on by a thread, all depending on whether they are found “guilty” or “not guilty.” It is at times like this that it is important for a person to have legal assistance, to help see them through the criminal trial process and advocate for their rights.

An attorney can perform a full investigation of their client’s case, so that a strong and persuasive defense strategy can be formed. An attorney can also determine whether their client’s rights against unlawful search and seizure have been violated. In addition, an attorney can call into question whether the evidence proffered by the prosecution is valid. An attorney can also determine whether their client was the victim of entrapment or whether their client was coerced into confessing to a crime they did not commit.

Since 1974, our law firm has been assisting Virginians who are facing criminal charges. We make sure to develop a legally sound argument on our client’s behalf. In addition, we are able to persuasively negotiate on behalf of our clients, and we are prepared to litigate our client’s case, should it come to that. We have represented clients in a variety of cases, including: domestic violence cases; drug offenses; sex crimes; theft cases; assault cases; drunk driving and vehicular homicide cases; traffic offenses; and juvenile crime cases.

It is important that any person in Virginia who is accused of a crime has a fair trial. When a person’s future is at stake, it is important that they seek the help they need to develop a strong case in their favor. Having a strong advocate by their side can help a person accused of a crime understand their rights and ensure their rights are not violated.

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