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Virginia Senate passes medical marijuana expansion bill

Despite the benefits medical marijuana may give to those who are extremely ill, the use of medical marijuana in Virginia is currently very limited. Moreover, those who are caught possessing an illegal amount of marijuana can be charged with a crime, even if they were using the marijuana for medicinal purposes.

However, a recent bill that was unanimously passed by the Virginia Senate would allow a physician to recommend using cannabidol oil for any type of medical condition they have diagnosed their patient with. The House version of this bill was also unanimously approved by the Virginia House of Delegates.

According to one senator, this bill allows physicians to make the choice regarding whether medical marijuana would be beneficial, rather than leaving such decisions up to lawmakers. The senator, who is also a physician, noted how this bill could help patients with cancer, multiple sclerosis and other diseases.

According to a Virginia delegate, there is proof that those suffering from epilepsy can benefit from the use of cannabidol oil. That delegate also maintains that cannabidol oil can be effective for pain management. If cannabidol oil is made a legal option for treatment, more Virginians with severe medical conditions can stay in their homes in Virginia, rather than having to relocate to a state where medical marijuana is legal. Moreover, that delegate maintained that states that have approved cannabiol oil for medical use saw opioid deaths go down on an average of 25 percent.

The Senate bill and the House bill are the same, so for them to become law, they need to be approved by the opposite house, and then receive the governor’s approval. The Governor of Virginia, who is also a physician, has already stated he supports the legislation.

This bill may be very important to those who are very sick or suffering from drug addiction. Currently, these individuals may end up turning to illegal substances for treatment of their conditions, exposing them to the potential of being charged with a crime. Those who are facing drug charges related to marijuana, or those who want more information on how this bill would affect them if it passed, may want to seek the help they need to make sound decisions.

Source: News Leader, “Medical marijuana bill passes Virginia Senate 40-0,” Monique Calello, Feb. 7, 2018

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