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Have a strong advocate on your side in child support matters

It comes as no surprise to parents in Virginia that raising a child costs money. Of course, a child is an extra mouth to feed, but the costs available with giving your child the best childhood you can also add up. There will be expenses associated with health care, child care if the child is young, school and more. However, most parents want what is best for their child, so they will pay for these costs to the best of their abilities.

Things do not change when parents in Virginia divorce. Despite a failed marriage, they are still both responsible for the costs associated with raising their child. For the parent who has custody of the child the majority of the time, these costs are incurred by having the child in their care. Generally, in this situation the noncustodial parent will meet these obligations by paying child support to the custodial parent.

At the law firm of S|S|H|W Sevila | Saunders | Huddleston | White, we assist parents who are seeking financial support for their child. This can be difficult at times, especially in a contested divorce where emotions are running high. Oftentimes we find that through mediation, child support issues can be resolved quickly and effectively. After all, what is ultimately important when it comes to child support is that the child’s best interests come first, and for some parents this means resolving their divorce legal issues out-of-court.

Obtaining child support is not always easy. Some parents may be reluctant to pay the support they are required to pay. However, doing so only hurts the child in the end. By having a strong advocate in your corner, you may be able to seek the support you need to raise your child in a healthy environment that meets your child’s financial needs.

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