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No matter the severity of the allegations, facing criminal charges can be a serious and overwhelming situation. For some, it may appear to be a situation in which they have few options. However, anyone accused of a crime has the ability to assert a defense. Doing so not only allows the facts of the matter to be considered, but it could also help defendants clear their names and reduce the impact the allegations could have on their personal and professional reputation.

As any criminal defense attorney can attest, the penalties associated with criminal charges can be harsh. It is important to consider ways to reduce or even eliminate these consequences. At our law firm, we understand that there is a lot on the line when a person faces criminal allegations. We take the time to explain the available defense options to our clients in the Leesburg area.

Whether a person is accused of domestic violence, drug offenses, theft, assault, sex crimes, DUI, vehicular homicide, serious traffic offenses, juvenile crimes and other criminal offenses, our law firm takes the time to look at the matter as a whole. The evidence used against the defendant may not have been properly collected. At our law firm, we consider whether a lawful search and seizure took place and, if not, we may be able to take steps to suppress this evidence. By poking holes in the case, it may be possible to reduce and even dismiss the charges altogether.

To learn more, please visit our law firm’s criminal defense website. Facing criminal charges can be an emotional and challenging time. By taking the time to understand the situation and develop a strong criminal defense, a defendant could take steps to protect their rights.

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