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Three arrested in alleged cocaine trafficking ring

Some drug arrests come about more or less by chance. For example, many people are found to be in possession of illegal drugs during routine traffic stops. Other drug arrests come about as the result of long investigations. These are likely to lead to serious charges of drug trafficking and other crimes.

Three people were arrested recently in Loudoun County as part of what police called a cocaine trafficking ring. Police said they had been investigating the trio since March, and an undercover agent had purchased an assault rifle from one of the alleged traffickers.

This month, two of the three suspects were arrested during a traffic stop, when police said they found them with cocaine, drug paraphernalia and a concealed firearm. The third suspect was arrested later that day when police entered his home with a search warrant. Police said they found 92 grams of cocaine in the search, as well as other suspicious material.

The three people face a variety of drug and weapons charges. Prosecutors said they will probably file more charges against the three in the near future.

Everyone who is accused of drug crimes deserves a defense. It isn’t easy to beat these charges in any case, but perhaps especially when they come about as the result of a long investigation, after police have had the opportunity to gather a lot of evidence. However, with the help of a skilled criminal defense lawyer, defendants can protect their futures. People who have been accused of a crime should talk to a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

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