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Ignition interlock device laws in Virginia

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2019 | Uncategorized

A DUI conviction in Virginia may pose problems moving forward depending on the details of the incident. Some repercussions may prove more bothersome and expensive than others.

Under the law, anyone convicted of a DUI has to install an ignition interlock system in order to resume driving. On its face, this seems a small price to pay for a resumption of driving privileges. However, how does this device work, and what are some of the parameters around using it?

Electronic logs track your events

One reason for the installation of this device is so that the court can track your compliance with the terms of your conviction. The court first aims to stop you from continuing to drive while under the influence. Attached to the interlock is an electronic log that tracks your comings and goings, including any incidents of intoxication. If the device senses any measurable amount of alcohol on your breath, it will not allow the car to start. It will go in the log it generates, which will not look good to your court supervisor.

Installation is not free

Receiving a DUI conviction can prove expensive between penalties and court costs. The ignition interlock is certainly no exception. Typically, an authorized facility must install it, which costs money. Then, you usually have to pay the provider a monthly rental fee. Depending on the length of the time you should have it, this may prove expensive.

It must go in every car registered to you

You may have two or three cars registered in your name. Even if you never drive them because they belong to a spouse or children, you must have the interlock in each one. You may not drive a vehicle that does not have an interlock device. Thus, if you ride in someone else’s car, you cannot turn around and drive it for them. If law enforcement catches you doing this, your penalties may increase.

An interlock device is meant to help deter people from driving while intoxicated. If you have found yourself with a DUI charge, seeking the help of an attorney may help get you the best possible outcome for your situation.

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