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Helping you resolve child support issues

As any parent in Virginia can attest, raising a child can be a lot of work. Although it is a very rewarding part in life, it can also be a very costly one. Thus, when parents split, it is still imperative that the child’s financial needs are met. Unfortunately, this does not always naturally and willingly occur following a split or a divorce.

Seeking child support is common when parents are no longer together. However, it can be a complex and emotional process, especially if the parents are involved in a custody dispute. Because child support is often dependent on the custody and placement of the child, the two family law issues often go hand-in-hand.

At S|S|H|W Sevila | Saunders | Huddleston | White, our skilled attorneys understand the ins and outs of the child support process. Whether a parent seeks to establish support, enforce a current order or prove that it is necessary to modify an order, our law firm can help you understand your situation, your rights and available options.

We understand that not all matters require litigation. It is possible to work through family law matters through alternative dispute resolution measures, such as mediation. In cases where co-parenting exists and communication is effective, it can be possible to negotiate a resolution when it comes to child support issues.

To learn more, check out our law firm’s child support website. Family law matters have the tendency to be complex and emotional. While they can be challenging to navigate through, it is possible to find a workable solution for parents dealing with child support issues.

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