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Ways to fight a traffic ticket

Even the safest drivers have the potential to make a mistake. And if they do, there’s always a chance that a police officer will catch them. This could result in a traffic ticket and the many consequences associated with it.

Some people never think twice about fighting a traffic ticket, as they assume it’s nothing more than a waste of time. Instead, they pay it in full and hope that the impact on their life isn’t too great.

However, that’s not always the best approach, as there are many ways to fight a traffic ticket and win. Here are some strategies to consider:

  • Present your own evidence: Forget about what the officer will do in court. Even if they present evidence, you have the opportunity to do the same. And if your evidence is more powerful, it can help you win your case and have your ticket thrown out by the judge. The key here is to collect as much evidence as possible.
  • Dispute the officer’s opinion: Depending on the type of ticket, the officer’s personal opinion may have come into play, which you can dispute in court. An example of this is an officer stating you made an unsafe lane change, when in your estimation, as the driver, you did so within the legal limits of the law.
  • Explain that your driving was justified: With this strategy, you don’t deny the fact that you were in the wrong. Instead, you own up to it while explaining to the judge that you had no choice but to violate the law. For example, if you were ticketed for speeding, you can explain that you did so because you didn’t want to drive in close proximity to a distracted driver.

When you go to court to fight a traffic ticket you do so with hope of having the judge throw it out. This means that you’re no longer responsible for paying the fine and that the violation won’t remain on your driving record.

Even if you’re not successful in that regard, the judge may agree to lower your fine or remove any points associated with it. This can save you money up front, while also protecting against an insurance rate increase.

It doesn’t always make sense to fight a traffic ticket, but don’t make a final decision until you understand your legal rights as a driver.

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