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Reasons women file for divorce

Though women are often portrayed in divorce stereotypes as the ones left behind, more than 70% of divorces are initiated by women. Whether they are seeking an annulment, legal separation, uncontested divorce or contested divorce, there are several main reasons women in Virginia give for ending their marriages.

Some women feel that marriage is holding them back. Most women are in the workforce and are contributing financially to their families. In addition, they are often left doing the majority of the household chores after putting in a full day of work. If their careers take off faster than their husbands’ do, they can feel like they have to hide their success for the good of their marriage. They are left feeling like they are doing it all anyway, so they may as well do it alone.

Most of the emotional toil in a marriage is done by women as well. Too often, they are the ones helping everyone else process their emotions and are facilitating communication with their family and friends. This ensures that they have an emotional support system outside of their husbands, so they are less emotionally dependent on their husbands and more willing to divorce.

Finally, women are less likely to tolerate poor behavior from their husbands than in decades past. Being able to support themselves means that they can leave in cases of domestic violence or infidelity. Regardless of the reasons for divorce or who initiates it, a lawyer experienced in family law disputes may be able to help resolve such issues as child custody, complex property issues and paternity matters. Emotions run high during intense family disputes, and a lawyer might help couples navigate difficult legal issues, leading to the best possible outcome for all involved.

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