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How to approach the touchy subject of a prenuptial agreement

There’s nothing more exciting than deciding, alongside your partner, that you’re going to get married. While this will change your life in many ways, you’re looking forward to everything the future will bring.

Despite your excitement, you may have some concerns about the future. For example, you worry about protecting your legal rights in the event of a divorce. This may lead you to consider the creation of a prenuptial agreement.

You can’t create a prenuptial agreement without the assistance of your partner, so you need to discuss this sometimes touchy subject. Here are some tips that can help you approach this difficult conversation:

·      Share your feelings: It’s one thing to tell your partner you want to create a prenuptial agreement. It’s another thing entirely to share your reasons for this, including your true feelings. For instance, if you’re concerned about divorce because you watched your parents struggle through the process, it will help your partner better understand where you’re coming from.

·      Listen: Don’t do all the talking. Let your partner tell you their thoughts on a prenuptial agreement. And of course, if they have questions you should be open to answering them to the best of your ability.

·      Don’t let your emotions get the best of you: Difficult conversations can bring up a variety of emotions, such as anger, confusion and sadness. You must remain calm as you discuss the creation of a prenuptial agreement. If your emotions run wild, you could soon find yourself heading down the wrong path.

·      Don’t cram all the details into one conversation: The best way to avoid this is to discuss a prenuptial agreement well in advance of your wedding day. This gives you enough time to bring it to light, shelf it and then revisit when you’re ready.

Don’t shy away from telling your partner that you want to create a prenuptial agreement. You may come to find that they feel the same way as you, which will make it much easier to move through the process.

Once you have a legally sound prenuptial agreement in place, you’ll both feel better about tying the knot and everything the future could throw at you.

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