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The link between spending habits and divorce

You may think that the only things that are likely to lead to divorce are personal, relationship issues. People often talk about drifting apart emotionally, for instance, or finding out that a spouse is having an affair. And, it is very clear that these issues can and do lead to divorce.

That said, many experts actually point to money as the No. 1 reason for divorce. Nearly half of all couples get into financial disagreements or fights. This can split them up as surely as uncovering the affair.

Are you wondering what, exactly, these couples are disagreeing on? Is it their income levels, debt load or things of this nature? Well, when researches have tracked it, they find that the top issue is the spending habits that one — or both — of the individuals have.

On one side, you may have a person who thinks that their spouse is too cheap. They want to spend more money, buy nicer things, take more vacations and live the “good life” that they’ve always dreamed of. Every time their spouse shoots down an idea or puts money in savings, they feel like they’re losing that life.

On the other side, you may have a person who thinks that their spouse spends too much. They are worried about the future. They want to save because of the security that it brings. Every time that their spouse spends money on something that they do not absolutely need, that person feels like they’re losing that security.

You may already be thinking that one of these people is wrong and that the other is right. Which side you picked is not important. People have different opinions, and that’s the key. If your opinion is not the same as your spouse’s opinion, what does that mean for the future of your marriage?

If these financial positions are going to lead to divorce, you need to know what options you have. Since money is causing all of the issues, you definitely want to think about dividing assets and what steps you can take to attempt to secure what you want most out of the divorce.


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