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Can dating interfere with the outcome of my divorce?

Getting a divorce can be a lengthy process, but does that mean the rest of your life has to wait for your divorce to be final? Because a divorce can take months or years to resolve, holding off on your next relationship that whole time may not be appealing. Even though your relationship with your spouse is over, is it okay to start dating other people before your marriage ends?

While you may technically be in the clear to date while divorcing, it can complicate things for you in your divorce. Here is what you should know about dating while divorcing:

Dating can increase the cost of your divorce

If your spouse believes that you are using marital assets to pay for the costs of your dates, they may use that against you in your divorce. If you were eligible for spousal support, your spouse might try to minimize the amount they pay because they believe your new partner is supporting you.

It can antagonize your spouse

While you should be able to live for your own needs, it is important to understand that dating can have unintended consequences in your divorce. Your spouse may change their mind about pursuing a collaborative divorce if they learn you are seeing someone else, which can result in a lengthier and more expensive contested divorce.

Dating can jeopardize your child custody negotiations

Your spouse may argue during your divorce that you are too busy dating to provide your kids the attention they deserve from their primary parent. This kind of argument may shift your custody agreement from full-time or equal time to a smaller arraignment where you only get alternating weekend visitation. This kind of custody agreement can also increase the amount you pay in child support and alimony.

Consider your options before starting a new relationship

While you ultimately have the final say on whether you pursue dating during your divorce, keep in mind that it can affect yourself, your kids, and your divorce in ways you may not be prepared for. Focusing on resolving your divorce quickly and efficiently may be the best option for you. Before committing to a new partner, weigh your options as to how it could affect your divorce.


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