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Some of the most common reasons people in Virginia get divorced

Even the most pragmatic person tends to imagine an idealized future when they get engaged. Those who are just starting a marital relationship can’t always imagine the possibility that their spouse could possibly betray them or break their confidence. They imagine that they will stay married until one of them eventually dies.

While that may be the goal for many couples, it is far from the reality for many modern marriages. A significant number of couples end up divorced because of issues with their marriages. These are some of the top reasons that couples in Virginia choose to file for divorce.

Marital infidelity

When one spouse discovers that the other has started an adulterous affair, that is often the immediate end of the relationship. Not all couples can rebuild the trust and respect necessary to have a healthy dynamic after extramarital infidelity.

Physical adultery is no longer the only concern. Couples are more aware than ever before of emotional infidelity and electronic affairs that may involve sexy conversations but no actual physical contact.

Financial issues

Perhaps one spouse has developed serious behavioral issues, such as a desire to frequently gamble or compulsive shopping. Maybe they have gone so far as to hide debts or income from their spouse in behavior that technically constitutes financial infidelity. Concerns about financial behavior are another leading cause of modern divorce in Virginia.

Extended family issues

Sometimes, one spouse ends up taking care of their parents as they age, and the relationship their spouse has with their parents is not a good one. Family relationships and close friendships can sometimes put enough pressure on marriages that spouses realize their only option is to file for divorce.

Growing apart

A large number of divorces occur not because of one specific bad behavior on the part of a spouse but rather because the spouses have continued to mature and develop in ways that aren’t compatible. Changing religious beliefs and political views are among the many reasons why people may lose the connection they once shared.

Abuse or abandonment

People may file for divorce in Virginia when their spouse becomes physically or sexually abusive toward them. Many people now also recognize the lasting consequences of emotional or psychological abuse and will end a relationship over manipulation and disparaging language as well. Abandonment, which occurs when one spouse just leaves the other, is another reason why people choose to end a marriage that no longer serves their needs.

People don’t necessarily need a provable cause when they choose to file for divorce in Virginia, but it can help some people to feel less alone when they recognize that their reason for filing for divorce aligns with common reasons cited by other couples. Recognizing that filing for divorce with the assistance of an experienced legal professional can be the best way to help people who are trapped in unhealthy marriages improve their circumstances.

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