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Speeding could lead to jail time for Virginia drivers

Many different criminal charges could potentially lead to someone’s incarceration. Most people understand that they could face jail time if they plead guilty or get convicted of an offense involving violence.

Jail time is common in scenarios where criminal offenses have a direct negative impact on others. Both violent offenses and economic crimes often lead to incarceration. People usually don’t think of traffic violations as legal issues that lead to jail time. Obviously, impaired driving charges could lead to someone’s imprisonment. However, seemingly minor traffic infractions, including speeding, could also lead to someone serving a sentence in jail.

There are scenarios where speeding leads to jail time

Every traffic infraction is unique, and judges often look at the case carefully when deciding what sentence to impose. Contrary to people’s expectations, speeding infractions can lead to more than just financial penalties. The faster someone travels on public roads, the greater their chance of facing significant penalties and potential jail time for a guilty plea or conviction.

In some cases, excess speed can lead to reckless driving charges, which do carry potential jail time. Anyone traveling at more than 85 miles per hour (mph) or exceeding the applicable speed limit by more than 20 mph could face reckless driving charges. The penalties possible include $2,500 in fines and possibly a year in jail.

Virginia judges have the authority to sentence someone to jail for excessive or extreme speeding. Someone could serve two days in jail for each mph over 90 mph they traveled. Someone accused of traveling at 95 mph on the freeway may serve up to 15 days in state jail in addition to facing fines and license suspension. Higher speeds can lead to more serious consequences for the driver accused of excessive speeding.

Even when excessive speeding does not lead to property damage or injury to others, the state may still pursue relatively serious allegations against an individual. Responding appropriately to allegations of committing serious traffic violations can help someone preserve their financial stability, freedom and driving privileges. Motorists who know the possible consequences of their situation may respond in more informed ways to claims that they broke traffic laws in Virginia.

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