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December 2013 Archives

Drunk driving charges result for Virginia man after damaging ride

Every day, hundreds of individuals are accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances. While it is true that not everyone accused of such a crime is guilty, drunk driving charges alone can have a very negative effect on a young person's life. This is the lesson that one young man in Virginia is learning after his DUI arrest made the local news.

3 tips for buying presents for the kids after divorce

When it comes time to shop for holiday gifts, pleasing the children as much as possible -- within the budget, of course -- is a primary concern for most parents in Virginia. But for parents who have gone through divorce, there is an additional wrinkle. You must plan, knowing that there will likely be two sets of presents: one with you, and one with your ex-husband or wife.

Will driver in Christmas getup argue elf defense on DUI charge?

People in Virginia and all over the country get arrested on suspicion of drunk driving all the time. While it is unfortunate for those people, most of them have the benefit of not having their mug shot and details of their arrest show up on national news sites. However, one man hit with drunk driving charges recently was unable to avoid that fate when he was pulled over recently while wearing a holiday costume.

Trip to Virginia McDonald's results in drunk driving charges

Even when individuals do not feel intoxicated, they may still want to consider the danger of getting behind the wheel of a car if they have been drinking. One Virginia grandmother admits that she used poor judgment when she decided to drive her granddaughters to McDonald's after she had been drinking vodka. She now faces child endangerment and drunk driving charges, in addition to the possibility that she will lose joint custody of the girls.

Should the subject of Santa come up in your custody talks?

If you’re like most divorcing parents then you probably know that during the divorce process, you will have to have the conversation about child custody. This can range from an easy discussion to a full-blown legal battle, lasting months or even years. Either way, you and your soon-to-be ex spouse will have to determine who will get custody of the child or children and to what extent that custody extends. Will you decide on joint custody or will one parent have primary and legal custody?

Virginia police detective arrested for alleged DUI

Even police officers can be arrested for a suspected DUI.  One Richmond police detective was accused of driving under the influence and refusing a breath test on December 1st.  It was reported to be his first DUI offense.

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