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January 2014 Archives

Lawsuit settled against Virginia woman convicted of felony DUI

A Virginia judge approved the settlement of a wrongful death claim against a woman who is serving jail time for the deaths of two men. The woman had been convicted of felony DUI after hitting the car in which the two men were traveling with her own vehicle as she was driving after drinking. The woman is serving a sentence of 49 months in a women's correctional facility for her felony DUI and manslaughter convictions.

Virginia doctor facing drunk driving charges

Virginia residents may be interested to learn of drunk driving charges that were brought against a doctor practicing in their own community. A woman was killed by the doctor who had been drinking before making the mistake of getting behind the wheel. The drunk driving charges have resulted in jailed confinement for the doctor, until he can be arraigned.

Drunk driving charges for Virginia SAFE director

Drunk driving charges were recently leveled at a recovering alcoholic who was the director of the SAFE program in a Virginia county. He has been the director at the Substance Abuse Free Environment Inc. for several years and guided it to national importance. The drunk driving charges have given him cause to resign from his position heading the association.

Virginia man facing drunk driving charges after serious crash

In a case involving DUI offenses the prosecution must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt on each element of a charged crime. When a driver is charged with DUI in an accident involving a death, the authorities usually bring a homicide charge against the accused. In Virginia and most states, a conviction of a crime involving drunk driving charges that is associated with the death of an innocent victim results in a mandatory sentence of incarceration.

Woman faces drunk driving charges following Virginia accident

Alcohol, when consumed in moderation, certainly can help a person to loosen up in a social situation or to take a break from everyday anxieties. However, when a person drinks too much alcohol, he or she can quickly become inebriated. Legal consequences can result from just one decision to drink and drive. Nevertheless, a person who is facing drunk driving charges has the right to defend himself or herself and cannot be described as guilty if this guilt is not established in accordance with the strict legal standards in Virginia.

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