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Issues with child custody

Divorce and child custody disputes can be difficult for both Virginia parents and their children. While the children need to know that they are loved and cared for, the parents may be too wrapped up in their own drama to always recognize this. If parents are not on good terms, one or both may not abide by the parenting schedule, which could put the children in a tenuous situation.

Even worse, some parents may show up on some designated transfer days and not show up on others. This may create confusion on the part of both the parent expecting the other to pick up the child as well as the child who may be left feeling unwanted. In some cases, parents who fail to show for scheduled visits may be fined or given the opportunity to make that time up.

The most serious situation occurs when a parent denies the other parent the right to visit or contact the child. The parent who is denied legal access to the child is advised to keep a record of each denial. This could be a time when a parent was unable to visit a child or it could be a time when a parent is unable to call or otherwise speak with the child.

When a custody agreement is approved by the court and made a part of the divorce order, both parents are expected to abide by it. If it is ignored, violated or otherwise not followed, legal assistance may be necessary to have it enforced by the court having jurisdiction over the matter. It may be appropriate to seek a modification to the custody order as well.

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