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Changes in income affect child support

Virginia residents may be curious about how changes in the income of a former spouse may affect their child support responsibilities. There are many factors that contribute to a child support decision, but the payments are often simple calculations based on each parent’s income adjusted for the amount of direct care each parent provides to the children after the divorce. A change in the circumstances of either parent can trigger an adjustment in child support expectations.

This can be clearly seen in the agreement changes between “Bachelor in Paradise” star Amanda Stanton and her former spouse, Nick Buonfiglio. Stanton claimed at the time of divorce that she was making only $100 a year. She was also the primary care provider for the couple’s two children. This resulted in Buonfiglio paying her about $2000 per month in child support.

This all changed when Stanton received a huge pay raise due to her role in “Bachelor in Paradise 2016”. According to court documents, Stanton now makes $13,000 each month, while her ex makes only $10,000. Buonfiglio also claimed that he has been suffering financial hardships. This essential reverse in the roles of the former couple led to a dramatic decrease in his child support obligations. Buonfiglio will now owe Stanton only $530 each month. Despite the fact that Stanton now makes more money than Buonfiglio, Stanton is still considered the primary care provider and thus entitled to child support payments.

Changes in life or financial circumstances are often important grounds for a parent to request alterations to child support. These requests must be brought formally to the court and agreed upon by the judge before they take effect. It is common for the receiving parent to argue against a decrease in child support, so the requesting parent will need to come prepared to prove the need for an adjustment.

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