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We can help clients create workable child custody plans

Parents in Virginia who have divorced may have found that despite their break-up, they still must communicate and cooperate with one another so that they can raise their child in a healthy environment. Whether this means making sure drop off and pick up times for custody exchanges or visitation periods are followed, ensuring that their custody holiday schedule is honored or communicating if the child is sick or having trouble at school, when parents divorce they will still have to stay in contact, at least minimally, for the sake of the child.

Sometimes parents have an amicable split and can co-parent with little conflict. They may even be able to attend important events in the child’s life together, such as recitals, graduation ceremonies and birthday parties. However, even if parents are not on such good terms following their divorce they may still find that they can communicate via text message or email. This way, they do not have to necessarily talk face-to-face. Also, when drawing up their child custody schedule, they can address who will have the child over holidays and how they will handle important events. By sticking to the schedule, they can still both parent their child hopefully with little conflict.

In the end, what is most important is that the child’s best interests are honored. At our law firm, we understand that making child custody decisions can be difficult, especially since the final order can affect the parents and child for years to come. We attempt to have our clients enter into an agreement through negotiation or mediation. However, sometimes we understand that sometimes litigation is the best course of action. However our clients decide to handle their child custody issues, we are ready to advocate for them.

Creating a workable and comprehensive child custody schedule and sticking to it is not always easy. Moreover, parents must understand that even though they have split-up, they still may play an active role in their child’s life. Our law firm’s website may provide you with more information on these and other child custody issues.

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