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March 2018 Archives

Bill would significantly broaden Virginia distracted driving laws

The Virginia Senate has recently approved legislation that would make it illegal to use a handheld cellphone while operating a motor vehicle. The bill passed by a 29-11 vote. The bill will now go on to the Virginia House of Representatives and, if approved, to the governor's desk for a signature.

Protect your assets in the event of a divorce

Premarital agreements, also known as prenuptial agreements, can be helpful for many soon-to-be wed couples in Virginia. If one or both partners is coming into the marriage with significant assets or has their own business, a premarital agreement can address who will keep these assets in the event of a divorce. Even couples who are starting out in their marriage with few assets of their own can use a premarital agreement to lay out who will get what with the assets they intend to purchase during the course of the marriage. However, for many reasons, not every couple executes a premarital agreement prior to walking down the aisle. Fortunately, there are still ways these couples can protect their separate property while married, just in case the marriage doesn't last.

Leesburg man facing felony drug charges following traffic stop

Being pulled over by police for a traffic offense can be annoying at best and nerve-wracking at worst. One thing police may do at a traffic stop is perform a search of a vehicle if they have probable cause to believe a crime is being committed. Such searches can lead to criminal charges, as one incident shows.

Can you get joint custody of your children after a few years?

You and your ex have been divorced or broken up for a few years, and since then, your ex had primary custody of your children. This could have been for any of many reasons. For example, perhaps you were dealing with a serious addiction, lived far away or felt that your ex was in a better financial position. It could also have been that you felt guilty for the breakup or that your ex would pull a no-holds-barred fight if you tried for joint custody.

Virginia couples in a "gray divorce" may face financial issues

These days, it is not unusual for a couple in Virginia to divorce, even if they had been married for decades. In fact, the Pew Research Center reports that, since the 1990s, the rate of divorce for couples ages 50 and up has increased twofold. People may be realizing that as the years go by, they grow apart from their partners to the point that the marriage is untenable. Or, some couples who have been staying married for the sake of the children may find that once the children leave the nest they are ready to end their marriage.

Virginia youths face consequences if they commit a crime

It is well-recognized that adolescents and teenagers are still developing physically, mentally and emotionally. They do not have the maturity, forethought or experience to always understand the consequences of their actions. Sometimes, this means that youths in Virginia who are accused of committing juvenile crimes will be facing the Juvenile Justice System.

Divorce can be hard for a child, but help is available

Parents in Virginia who are seeking a divorce may be very concerned about how the divorce will affect their children. While initially a divorce may be very hard for a child to adjust to, in the end parents can take steps to help their child heal from the divorce.

What will a court in Virginia consider when awarding alimony?

Alimony, also known as "spousal support," can be a sticking point for couples in Virginia who are seeking a divorce. After all, the lesser earning spouse will want to ensure they are left with the appropriate financial resources they need post-divorce. But, the higher earning spouse will also want to ensure that they are not paying so much in alimony that it significantly impacts their financial situation post-divorce. However, it is possible for a fair amount of alimony to be awarded that meets the needs of both parties.

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