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July 2018 Archives

Have a strong advocate on your side in child support matters

It comes as no surprise to parents in Virginia that raising a child costs money. Of course, a child is an extra mouth to feed, but the costs available with giving your child the best childhood you can also add up. There will be expenses associated with health care, child care if the child is young, school and more. However, most parents want what is best for their child, so they will pay for these costs to the best of their abilities.

Are there 'Romeo and Juliet' laws in Virginia?

The age at which a person in Virginia can legally consent to sexual intercourse is 18. However, it is not unusual for teenagers to engage in consensual sexual intercourse with one another, especially if they are romantically involved. While Virginia statutes do not use the phrase statutory rape, the law in Virginia does make some allowances for individuals 15 through 17. This is known as a "close-in-age" exemption, or "Romeo and Juliet laws."

Adoption is a wonderful way to grow a family in Virginia

Many people in Virginia want to have children but are unable or do not want to do so biologically. In these situations, a person might choose to adopt a child. This is a wonderful event, as it gives a child the chance to grow up in a loving and supportive environment and it gives the adoptive parent the joy that comes with raising a child. However, there are laws regarding adoption that biological parents and prospective adoptive parents should make sure they understand before proceeding.

County supervisor in Virginia accused of drunk boating

Whether it is on a lake, a river or the ocean, many people in Virginia will head out on boats this summer. However, when a person is on a speed boat, a pontoon boat or any other type of boat, they should understand that they must take care if they are consuming alcohol at the time. This is because it is possible for a person to face criminal charges for doing so, as one incident at the end of June shows.

Virginia couples may cite money arguments as reason for divorce

People in Virginia often come into their marriages with very different money habits. Some may be savers, while others may be spenders. It can be a sticking point for a while, until a couple comes to a consensus about how to handle their finances. Unfortunately, financial matters are fraught with difficulties, especially if couples just can't agree about whether to spend or whether to save. In fact, according to one article, some studies report that financial disagreements are the primary reason couples get divorced.

How much will your ex get in your divorce?

Dividing property in a marriage is one of the most difficult parts of divorce. It can be highly contentious and involve hidden assets. The more property you have, the more complex the process becomes. All this may cause you to worry about how much your ex will get in the divorce, especially if you feel he or she does not deserve a fair share due to being responsible for the split, abusive or deceptive.

Why should you finalize your divorce in 2018?

2018 is more than half way over. For many people in Virginia, the first half of the year was a blur and they wonder where the time went. However, for those in unhappy marriages, these months may have seemed to drag on. Sometimes, if a person's marriage just cannot be saved, divorce is in their future. However, there are some important tax reasons why a person might want to consider divorcing before the year ends.

Virginia DUI penalties increase if there is a child in the car

Many of us have seen the familiar yellow "baby on board" sign on a motorist's window. When a person in Virginia drives with a minor in their car, they will often take care to drive safely, as they do not want to do anything that might harm the child. However, sometimes a person is accused of driving under the influence with a child in the vehicle. This is a very serious situation.

Keeping emotions in check when dividing assets

Many people in Virginia who are going through a divorce are suffering from a broken heart or the disappointment that a marriage they thought would last forever is ending. They may be angry at their spouse for events that led up to the end of the marriage. Yet, they must remember that the decisions they make during the divorce process could affect them for the rest of their lives. It is important to try to think practically when it comes to property division, even during what is understandably an emotional time.

Virginia governor signs two new crime bills into law

Virginia keeps a DNA database in which a person convicted of a crime has his or her DNA collected and kept. This DNA could link a person to a past or future crime. In some cases, it could exonerate a person accused of a crime. However, when it comes to DNA analysis, as well as the taking of fingerprints and photographs after a conviction, it is important that one's due process rights aren't violated.

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