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New app aims to help co-parents with child custody issues

These days there are many different types of apps aimed at helping divorced parents in Virginia and across the nation who want to co-parent their child. A new app on the market, coParenter, aims to help make co-parenting easier. The app provides a means for parents to share calendars and schedules. It also has location-based tools that can be used during child custody exchanges and provides a way for parents to request a one-time change in their normal parenting-time schedule if necessary. Parents can keep track of their expenses relating to the child, as well as reimbursements. It also provides tools parents can use when it comes to making day-to-day care decisions with regards to raising their child.

The app has a “solo mode” that allows one parent to use the app, even if their ex does not. What makes the app unique, however, is that the coParenter app is designed to help divorced parents interact with one another in a productive manner, even during high-conflict situations. The app uses artificial intelligence technology to flag swear words and other offensive language to stop a heated disagreement from getting worse, not unlike a human mediator would, and can warn parents that such language could be inappropriate.

The app also gives parents access to professionals, such as social workers and lawyers, who are skilled in conflict resolution. Conversations with these professionals are kept confidential and cannot be used against a parent in a court proceeding. However, it is important to note that a parent’s history and other documentation in the app could be used as evidence if the parents do wind up needing to litigate their dispute.

While this app provides a lot of helpful features to parents who have disagreements but wish to stay out of court, it does not provide legal advice. This is important to note, as parents do have custody and visitation rights that could be at the heart of their disputes. While it is often preferable to settle a dispute out of court, it is important that parents understand what they are legally entitled to or obligated to do under the law.

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