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Wendy Williams ex seeks child support in divorce

Ending a marriage is often a troubling time. It could end because of adultery, conflicts or because one simply fell out of love. No matter the reason, the decision to file for divorce is only just the beginning of the decision making process. In fact, if children are involved, it is important to secure child support, as these funds are used to care for the child and meet their needs.

Talk show host Wendy Williams filed for divorce from her husband Kevin Hunter about a month ago. And now, according to reports, Hunter responded to that filing. Based on legal documents, Hunter is seeking a judgment to dissolve the marriage, rehabilitative and permanent alimony, equitable distribution of assets acquired during the marriage, attorney fees and child support and college expenses for their child.

In the original filing, Williams asked that the appropriate amount of child support be established and that marital property be equitably divided. Based on reports, the couple shares an 18-year-old son. Neither party stated an amount or length of time for child support, as their son is no longer a minor. However, it is possible to allocate college expenses for adult children. At the time of this report, the details about college and funds going towards that have not been shared.

Child support can be awarded for children of any ages. Whether the child is young and requires a higher amount of child support to address the high costs of childcare or a child is much older and requires a higher amount based on higher education costs, it is important that parents understand how best to navigate this issue. Seeking legal guidance could help answer any questions, helping one protect their rights and the best interests of the child.

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