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Help with post-divorce modifications

Divorced couples likely have concerns that come up following their divorce and may wonder what they can do to address those concerns.

Fortunately, the family law system provides options that can help divorced couples modify child support and child custody if the need arises.

Life does not stay the same following a divorce and the lives of both of the parents may change as well as the lives of the children as they grow and develop throughout their childhood. This may mean that their needs also change and that parents may wish to seek a child support modification or child custody modification based on the changes. In general, if the parents or child experience a significant change in circumstances, they may be able to seek a child support or child custody modification.

Either parent can request a post-divorce modification from the family law court. The modification request needs to go through the family law court and, until approved, the divorced couple must continue to abide by their current child support order or child custody arrangement. Examples of situations that may be considered a significant change in circumstances can include the loss of a job or inability to find employment making it difficult to meet child support payments or the relocation of one of the parents that makes the current child custody arrangement unworkable.

It is important to keep in mind that any changes that are made will always honor what is in the best interests of the child and a change in the needs of the child can also impact child support and child custody. It helps for divorced parents to be familiar with this process and how it works so they can utilize it as a resource if the need arises.

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