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Parents can help their kids cope with divorce

As we go through divorce, we do everything we can to try to make it easier for our children. We do our best to keep the lines of communication open and watch to make sure there are no negative effects on our kids. Although there is no way to completely shield them from the ups and downs of divorce, we can give them some helpful tips along the way.

It’s important that our children know that they emotions they feel are valid and heard. It’s normal to feel grief and denial and want to keep the family together. It’s normal to be frustrated and normal to feel sad. The hope is that your child feels comfortable enough to communicate his or her feelings, whether it be with you, a friend or a counselor.

Finally, it can be really helpful to keep your child’s routine the same. Things are obviously going to change but you want to make sure they feel as though there is still stability in their life. Allow them to see both parents without feeling guilty and watch to make sure they don’t try to take on any find of new roles. You don’t want your child to feel like he or she has to be the homemaker, a protector or a mediator. Allow them to enjoy their childhood no matter how old they are. Even when the children are already adults, it can be important that they feel like they are in the child role.

Divorce is a bump in the road and often something that brings a new meaning to the word ‘family.’ Although it can feel stressful, in the end, things often turn out for the better.

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