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Shared parenting after divorce benefits children

Most parents in Leesburg going through a divorce want to shield their child from any negative effects of their separation. And, despite any their misgivings, they may wish to put their issues aside and cooperate for the sake of raising their child post-divorce.

In fact, one study reports that, unless a parent abuses or neglects his or her child, most children — even young children — benefit from shared parenting arrangements. This might not be surprising to some, but it is significant because even in this day and age, in over 80 percent of child custody cases, mothers are given full physical custody of the child.

Why is this? Well, for decades, judges believed that, if the child’s parents are in conflict, this stresses out the child. Given that belief, they often thought that the child would be best-off residing in a stable household with the mother, and having visitation with the father.

However, this new study finds that the conflict between parents is often exaggerated and therefore, is not suitable. Moreover, after a few years, the conflict between parents may dissipate, whereas child custody decisions can last until the child is 18.

In the end, the study found that the quality of the relationship the child has with each parent trumps the belief that co-parenting is bad for children. By making both parents “winners,” when it comes to child custody, this could actually lessen the conflict they have with one another.

This study sheds important light on child custody, but it is important to remember that just as no two families are alike, no two child custody cases will be the same. Since there is no one-size-fits all solution, it is important to seek legal advice if you wish to establish a shared custody arrangement following a divorce.

Source: Erie Times-News, “New research supports shared custody for children in divorce,” Gail Rosenblum, Sept. 7, 2017

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